Fraunhofer IMW

The Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy focuses on the fundamental change processes in a globalized world. Some significant trends are the worldwide development towards a knowledge economy, the global shift in generat…


Co-founded by ARCHES in 2009, Knowledge4Innovation (K4I) is an open, independent, nonprofit platform with a wide variety of stakeholders including small and large companies, universities and research centres, regions and cities, trade organisations a…

Cambridge Int.

Cambridge International Academics Ltd (Registration Number: 10799695) is a private R&D division founded and registered in UK to serving activities support on academic and research professional services.



Tera is a young SME based on the merging experiences of engineers and managers with expertise in different fields, such as energy efficiency for renewable energy, environmental sensors network and target localization, industrial development and R&…


LeanFa is a high tech company conceived by three electronic engineers with a vast experience in designing and marketing products for application in broadcasting, industry, science and medicine.